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Volunteer Request Form

  • Group or Organization Information   
    Date Request Needed:
     [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
    Name of Group or Organization:
    Street Address:

    Person Making the Request:
    Email Address:

    Organization’s Primary Purpose/Mission:
    Does your group or organization hold 501(c)(3) nonprofit status?     
    Is your group or organization a customer of Bank Independent?     

    Details of Request
     Date(s) Volunteers Needed:
     [None] Select a Date Delete the Date
     Maximum number of Volunteers Allowed:
    Description of Volunteer Duties:
     Our volunteers can work an eight-hour day; for what hours will you need us?
    Location of event:


    Where should the volunteers gather in the morning to report for duty?
    Please describe the activities our volunteers will be performing:
    Are special clothing (work boots, hardhats, etc.) or additional supplies (water, tools, etc.) required?
    Should special precautions be taken for weather conditions at the location (sunscreen, hats, etc.)?
    If so, please explain.

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