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BI Safety Advantage PLUS

  • Take your information security to the next level with BI Safety Advantage PLUS.  

    Three Service Options

    BI Safety Advantage PLUS

    For only $7.99 per month per person, you get a full suite of  ID protection, including:

    • Internet Monitoring*
    • Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring*
    • ID Restoration Services
    • Online Information Storage with 24/7 Secure Access**
    • Continuous Access to an Online Monitoring Dashboard**
    • Mobile App for On-The-Go Access to your Account**
    • Online Customization**
    • Vault(sm) Digital Document/Image Storage

    BI Safety Advantage PLUS with Family ID Restoration

    Expand your ID Restoration Services to cover your family in addition to your individual BI Safety Advantage PLUS Package for a total monthly cost of $8.99.  With Family ID Restoration as a part of your BI Safety Advantage PLUS coverage, every member of your family can take advantage of award-winning*** identity restoration services.

    Interested in ID Restoration Only?

    ID Restoration Services are available for only $1.49 per month per person.

    We’ve partnered with industry leader Deluxe Corporation to offer their Provent identity theft protection solution, which is powered by award-winning*** EZShield services.  Visit a Bank Independent sales office today and ask your personal banker about our easy enrollment process.


    Enrollment in BI Safety Advantage PLUS

    BI Safety Advantage PLUS packages are available to all Bank Independent personal deposit account holders for a low, affordable monthly fee.****  

    Enrollment and online access are easy:

    STEP ONE: Complete our online enrollment form or visit a Personal Banker at any Bank Independent sales office and tell them you’d like to enroll in BI Safety Advantage PLUS (for a listing of locations and hours, visit www.bibank.com/locations)

    STEP TWO:   Watch for an email from Deluxe Provent, our BI Safety Advantage PLUS partner, directing you to a secure website to access the online portion of your service.  Your email will arrive within 7 to 10 days.

    STEP THREE:  Activate your BI Safety Advantage account online by entering a few key pieces of information and authenticating your identity.

    STEP FOUR:  Activate your credit and internet monitoring services online (if applicable).

     Are you already registered for BI Safety Advantage PLUS?  Click here to log in to your dashboard.


    Product Highlights

    Internet Monitoring*

    This powerful service provides ongoing monitoring of certain data and records available on the Internet to identify any known risks associated with up to 14 different consumer identity elements, plus alerts if anything is amiss.

    This service utilizes black market scan searches--a customized search of hundreds of thousands of identity elements available on the Internet's black market--to determine if any of your Protected Identity Elements are identified as compromised data. 

    BI Safety Advantage PLUS internet monitoring will securely review and store the following Protected Identity Elements:

    • 1 individual name
    • 1 street address
    • 1 email address
    • 3 telephone numbers
    • 1 Social Security Number
    • 6 bank account or credit card numbers

    Three-Bureau Credit Monitoring*

    This service provides daily monitoring of certain activities associated with your credit file which may indicate identity theft or misrepresentation.
    You’ll receive consolidated alerts of any such activity from any of the three credit bureaus, allowing you to validate that credit-related activity was in fact your own activity.

    Online Information Storage with 24/7 Secure Access**

    BI Safety Advantage PLUS offers a secure online wallet to store essential personal information you would like to manage and protect with 24/7 secure access, eliminating paper trails and reducing the risk of fraud and identity theft. 

    You can use the wallet to securely store and encrypt:

    • personal information
    • credit card numbers
    • government-issued card information
    • bank account information
    • passwords
    • customer rewards card numbers
    • and more!


    Identity Restoration Services

    With BI Safety Advantage PLUS, you’ve never had more tools to prevent and respond to identity theft and fraud—or to restore your financial reputation and peace of mind. 
    When you think you’ve been a victim of fraud or identity theft, you'll be provided a dedicated, certified U.S. based Resolution Specialist assigned to personally manage your fraud or identity theft case from initiation to resolution.

    Your Resolution Specialist can act on your behalf to:

    • Notify and request government –issued identification such as Driver License, Social Security Card or Passport
    • Notify the three national credit bureaus to place a fraud alert on your credit report and review your report for evidence of an identity theft event
    • Notify banks, credit card companies and merchants at your request to freeze or close accounts compromised by or resulting from the event
    • Notify the Federal Trade Commission and file a complaint and report about the event
    • And more!

    Your Specialist will respond quickly, offer expert advice, and provide ongoing communication during the 32-point resolution process.

    So whether you’ve lost your wallet or suspect an identity theft event, assistance is just a phone call away.


    Continuous Access to an Online Monitoring Dashboard**

    Your personal BI Safety Advantage PLUS online dashboard is protected with Deluxe Provent’s Triple Layer Defense System (sm) which uses multi-stage encryption to secure your information, and follows the same security standards and protocols used by the banking industry.

    From your personal dashboard you can:

    • View your services and account information
    • Review your monitoring service status reports
    • Secure your information so if you ever lose your wallet we can help you
    • Request and receive 24/7 support
    • Access the Identity Protection Blog and Prevention Tips
    • Add additional monitoring services to protect fraud
    • Easily report an identity theft


    Mobile App for On-the-Go Access to your Account**

    The DashAccess mobile app keeps your BI Safety Advantage dashboard at your fingertips and sends alert notifications to your home screen!


    Online Activation and Customization**

    When you access the online portion of your BI Safety Advantage PLUS account, you can review a full suite of additional service options that address the entire spectrum of identity fraud sources, including:

    • Names & Addresses Monitoring
    • Public Records Monitoring 
    • Credit Report Order
    • Credit Score Orders

    Each of the above five services is available for purchase at an additional monthly cost, allowing you to customize a unique identity protection package personalized to your needs.



    *Both internet and credit monitoring services must be activated within your online dashboard to begin

    **These services require online access

     ***EZShield was awarded 2013 ‘Best in Class’ in Identity Theft Protection Services by Javelin Strategy & Research

     ****Fee will be auto-debited from the deposit account you designated at enrollment



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