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Debit Card

  • Debit cards offer the easiest way to make purchases and keep track of your spending. Plus, you can shop online or in-person at more than nine million merchants worldwide.


    Bank Independent Business Debit Card provides:

    Reduced Risk – All signature-based purchases are covered by MasterCard's Zero Liability policy.

    24/7 Online Card and Spending Management – Use Online Banking to

    • View debit card transactions as they happen and/or post to your account
    • Set up alerts to be notified of certain transactions 
    • Activate a new card or report a card lost or stolen

    Mobile Card Management – Use the Manage Cards function in your Mobile Banking app to activate a new card, report it lost or stolen, or to temporarily suspend purchases using the card.

    Ease of Use – Money is debited from your account just as if you wrote a check. Just swipe the card, select the credit option and sign the receipt. Your account number is never shared with anyone, so you can feel even safer than when writing a check.

    If you lose your Bank Independent Business Debit Card or if it is stolen, call Customer Service immediately at (256) 386-5000 or at (877) 865-5050 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. or (866) 478-5010 after hours. 

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