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    Bank Independent Bill Pay is the fastest, easiest way to pay your bills online, giving you more control when managing your household or business finances. Pay a friend, relative or co-worker quickly and easily. Give that special someone a personalized gift check. Send a donation to your favorite charity. All of these options are just a click away in Bill Pay. 

    It’s simple to set up, easy to use, reminds you when bills are due and lets you select the exact day you want your payment to be received.

    Bill Pay features a one-page, one-click dashboard that:

    • Lists all of your payees and payment options so you can schedule multiple payments at once
    • Displays a 45-day history of bill payments you’ve made
    • Displays a listing of payments that are pending 

    Bill Pay Dashboard

    Pay an Individual allows you to send money to friends, relatives or anyone you owe with just an e-mail address. It's perfect when repaying friends for buying your lunch, paying for your child's sport registration, and your lawn service. You can send or receive money without giving anyone your account number. The best part is... it's free. 

    For additional help, please visit the frequently asked questions page

    Bank Independent Bill Pay Help Line (855) 279-8392 

    Bank Independent Bill Pay provides a new level of online banking convenience!

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