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  • Bank Independent offers accounts that can be selected individually, or as part of an overnight sweep program (see the Smart Money Market below). 
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    Best For: Businesses just starting out or wanting ready cash Businesses needing ready cash and check access Businesses without immediate cash access needs.
    Opening Minimum: $100 $1 when receiving a monthly transfer from another BI deposit account or $10,000 outside that program $1,000
    Quarterly or Monthly Service Fee: None if maintain minimum balance, otherwise $6/Quarter  None if maintain $10,000 minimum balance or a monthly automatic transfer from another BI deposit account, otherwise $15.00 per month. None
    Quarterly or Monthly Balance Requirement to avoid a service fee: $100 $10,000 None
    Withdrawal Limitations 6 withdrawals per month* 6 withdrawals per month** Penalty for early withdrawal
    Interest Tiers No Yes No

    * A service fee per withdrawal will be assessed after the 3rd withdrawal in a quarter. 
    **A service fee per withdrawal will be assessed after the 6th withdrawal in a month.

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