Preferred Payment Program

  • Most banks say you can pay semi-monthly, bi-weekly or make extra payments to match your budget.  However, they generally utilize a third party who holds the payment until the due date, then charges an enrollment fee and monthly transaction fees.


    Build Equity Faster – At Bank Independent we have invested to make our mortgage system flexible enough to apply payments that fit your situation.  We apply your payment the same day we receive it to give you the benefit of principal reduction as quickly as possible.  As a result, your balance subject to interest charges is reduced, accelerating your loan payoff.

    It's On Us – There is no charge for this service.

    Pay Automatically from Your Checking for Cash Back – When you have your weekly, semi-weekly or monthly payment automatically deducted from your Bank Independent personal or business checking, you can receive 1% cash back annually on your loan payment. See program details.

    So, you get the immediate benefit of principal reduction potentially cutting years off your mortgage.  Plus - there's no charge for this service.

    Call Bank Independent today at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 to set up your customized payment schedule! 

    Subject to Credit Approval