Independent Express

  • Access account information and transfer funds any time day or night from your telephone by calling (866) 478-5010. Sign up today by calling (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050.  


    Independent Express telephone banking system makes managing your accounts even easier with these great features:

    • Security – access your accounts securely

    • Speech capabilities – navigate menus by speaking or using your phone’s keypad

    • Access to real-time information – up-to-the-minute info instead of yesterday’s update

    • Real-time transaction processing – transfers are processed immediately, not overnight

    • Additional features – including loan payments, stop payments, check orders, and reporting lost or stolen debit cards

    Just call (866) 478-5010 any time day or night!

    The Independent Express Main Menu options are:

    • Checking or money market account, press 1 or say checking

    • Savings account, press 2 or say savings 

    • Loan account, press 3 or say loan 

    • Certificate or IRA account, press 4 or say certificate 

    • Lost or stolen card, press 5 or say lost card 

    • More options, press 6 or say options 

    • Speak to a customer service representative, press 0 or say representative

    More options include:  

    • Transfer funds between accounts, press 1 or say transfer

    • Information on certificate rates, press 2 or say rates 

    • Credit Card Services, press 3 or say credit card 

    • Change your pin, press 4 or say change PIN 

    • Order checks, press 5 or say order checks 

    • Locate a Bank Independent Branch and hear hours of operation, press 6 or say branch 

    You can always press 0 or say representative any time to speak with a customer service representative. Also you can press * at any time to return to the previous menu.