Agent Connect

  • Thank you for choosing Bank Independent for your online banking needs!

    When requested by a customer service agent, click the link below. You will be provided with an access token by the agent to initiate a direct chat session.



    Agent Connect

    The link above will open an online chat session that will allow you to share your screen with a Bank Independent customer service agent. You will need to accept the temporary Active X component required that allows this tool to work correctly. This desktop shadowing feature is completely secure:

    • You initiate the session, and you can end it at any time.

    • It allows the agent to see only what you are currently viewing.

    • The agent will guide you by watching you navigate the system.

    • You retain control of your computer. This is not a remote access tool.

    • The agent cannot make any changes to your computer or see any files that are not on your screen. 

    As the Bank is not actually transmitting information to your computer nor is the Bank remotely accessing your computer, the Bank is not liable to you for any damage to your computer or for any software/hardware failure or for any damage caused by a virus on your computer.