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Christmas Express

  • Bank Independent makes it easy to save for the holidays.


    Bank Independent created a savings program with good growth potential and safety of your principal. First, let’s start with why you need to save.

    How Much Should I Save for the Holidays to Avoid Credit Card Debt
    The average American spends $935 on gifts. The same study indicates that these same consumers will carry credit card balances of over $8,500 (2010 American Consumer Credit Council). To avoid paying for the holidays with a credit card, enter our Christmas Express program.

    Pay for Gifts with Cash
    A well thought out savings plan can fund your holiday spending and avoid long-term debt charges. Here are a couple common examples of growth.

    Holiday Savings
    Holiday Savings
    Based on a 12 month savings account using a .25% APY (Annual Percentage Yield), compounded quarterly with an initial deposit of $1. No minimum balance is required to earn the APY. Minimum balance to open a Christmas Club is $2.00*
    * Fees may apply depending on the bank account chosen.

    Checking Choices
    You can fund your Christmas Express account from any Bank Independent checking. Note that some plans even waive the monthly service fee based on the amount saved monthly.

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