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BI Fraud Prevention

  • All Bank Independent deposit accounts come with complimentary advanced protection including:

    • Purchase Monitoring – Your Bank Independent debit card transactions are monitored 24/7 for fraud.  If purchases deviate from your normal patterns, you may be contacted to confirm purchases.

    • Zero Liability Policy – Under MasterCard’s liability program, your signature debit card purchases may be covered against fraud when you report your card lost or stolen within a reasonable period of time.

    • Extra ID Verification – Whether you’re at a teller line or calling customer service we will ask specific questions or request identification to verify your identity.  

    • Confidentiality Policy – Bank Independent will never share your information with a third party in an attempt to sell you other services without your permission.

    • Online Challenge Questions – Online Banking now contains extra security features to ask challenge questions when accessing through a new device or location.

    • Transfer Authentication – We provide enhanced verification of wire and bank-to-bank transfers.

    • Online Fraud Notification – We provide monitoring for suspicious Online Banking and Online Bill Pay access.

    • BI Card Guardian--An extra layer of complimentary protection from debit card fraud.

    • Complimentary Online Statements – Protect your identity with online statements delivered to a secure inbox, not an unprotected mailbox.


    Online Banking services at Bank Independent are free and greatly enhance the security of your financial information:

    • eStatements and Online Banking eliminate paper trails and shredding.
    • Bill Pay and Direct Deposit eliminate the risk of checks being stolen from an unprotected mailbox.
    • Online Banking alerts can be set to notify you of certain transactions you might deem suspicious.

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