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Treasury Solutions

Speed up cash flow, automate banking processes and lower your risk with these business services.

Why BI for Treasury Solutions?

Our commitment to make a positive difference in people's lives most certainly includes catering to the financial needs of businesses in our communities.  We're here to help your business thrive.  We want to remove your banking burdens so you can get back to what you do best.

Choose Bank Independent for:
  • A dedicated non-commissioned Treasury Solutions team at your service,
  • Complimentary on-site consultations and follow-up,
  • Flat-rate pricing,
  • 24/7 customer service by phone, and
  • Flexibility you can only get from an independent bank.

Give us a call Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 or request a call at your convenience from a Treasury Solutions Specialist by completing the form to the right.


Our Automated Clearing House (ACH) network electronically processes secure and convenient bank-to-bank and account-to-account funds transfer to simplify your business' credits and debits.

Let our Bank Independent Treasury Solutions team help you:
  • Direct deposit payroll into your employees' accounts
  • Pay vendors' invoices electronically and on time
  • Bill and collect customer receivables, membership dues and payments 
  • Eliminate potential errors and delays from paper checks and mail
  • Enjoy the peace of mind of available dual control ACH processes

We also offer Same-Day ACH, which means ACH recipients will receive funds in their accounts on the same business day the ACH was originated!*

Remote Deposit Capture**

Bank Independent offers two options for depositing checks into your business account without making a trip to the branch.

Remote Deposit Capture from your desktop is perfect for businesses depositing more than 25 checks a month.

Remote Deposit Capture provides:
  • Simplicity. An easy-to-follow program lets you scan checks through a telephone-sized check scanner. It reads each check, creates a stored image, and prepares a deposit ticket. Simply confirm the amount of each check and deposit totals, then transmit the information through a secure connection. 
  • Reporting. Enjoy easy access to online deposit reports.
  • Funds Availability. Deposits made by 8:00 p.m. Monday through Friday are credited the same day.
  • Efficiency. Eliminating trips to the bank translates into more time for you and your employees. 

Mobile Deposit for Business lets you use your Mobile Banking app to deposit up to 25 business checks per month using your mobile device at no charge.

Wire Transfer**

Need to send money immediately? We can help.

  • Domestic wires submitted by 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday are delivered the same day.
  • Initiate or approve wires easily and quickly through Online or Mobile Banking.
  • Get an extra layer of security through out-of-band verification (reply to a text or phone call to verify your transaction).

Send International Wires in foreign currency.

  • Initiate International Transfers from any Bank Independent sales office.
  • International Transfers submitted by 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday generally arrive at the recipient bank in 1 to 2 business days. 
  • International Transfers can be submitted to more than 200 countries in over 130 currencies.
  • Sending an International Transfer is secure and convenient.

Positive Pay – Check and ACH

Protect your business accounts from unauthorized check and ACH transactions (such as counterfeit or altered checks and unauthorized ACH debits) with Bank Independent's powerful Positive Pay service.

Here's how our Check Positive Pay works:
  • Create a file listing information about checks written from your Bank Independent business checking account.
  • Upload your file to Sync Treasury Online Banking.
  • When checks are presented for payment, we compare them to the information you submitted in your file.
  • If the information doesn't match, we do not complete the transaction and you will be notified via text or email, and within online or mobile banking.
  • You can pay or return check exceptions easily through Sync Treasury Online or Mobile Banking.

Here's how our ACH positive Pay works:
  • All ACH debits are blocked from posting to your account.
  • You many set up ACH Filters to allow only certain debits from specific companies to post to your account.
  • If the information doesn't match the filter, we do not complete the transaction and you will be notified via text or email, and within online or mobile banking.
  • You can pay or return check exceptions easily through Sync Treasury Online or Mobile Banking.
Positive Pay gives you more control and peace of mind over the security of your account than ever before.


Accelerate your receivables processing with Sync Treasury Lockbox. Lockbox can help reduce mail float with same day processing, reporting and deposits to your Bank Independent business account. It can also provide an audit trail and storage of all checks, invoices, and coupons for up to 2 years online.

Lockbox works for any type of business: wholesale businesses with invoices or statements, retail businesses with coupons and a remit scanline, even medical with insurance forms, patient payments and correspondence. Lockbox can even generate an EDI 835 file for your medical practice.

It provides:
  • Robust daily reporting including images of checks, invoices, and coupons.
  • Custom files for downloading to your Accounts Receivable system, including EDI 835 for medical practices.
  • Exception processing of items with missing remittance available.
  • Deposits made to your Bank Independent account the same day received.
  • International Transfers are secure and convenient.
  • Bill Payment Checks can also be accommodated.
Simply choose from regional U.S. Postal Centers across the United States to have customer payments mailed to. Your mail is picked up daily and processed for credit to your Bank Independent Account. You can login to our customer portal each afternoon to see all activity and total amounts collected and processed on your behalf, and each night daily payments are deposited into your account.

Sync Treasury Lockbox allows you to focus serving your clients and building your business by creating efficiencies in your payments process

Sweep Services**

Automated scheduled or triggered transfers from one Bank Independent account to another can help your business maintain minimum account balances, avoid overdrafts or ensure your various operating accounts are appropriately organized.  Ask your Treasury Solutions representative about our customized sweep options.

*Debit and credit ACH transactions of $1,000,000 and less are eligible for Same-Day ACH at this time.
**Subject to eligibility requirements 
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