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Identity Protection

  • Protecting your privacy, identity and financial information has never been more important to you, or to Bank Independent. 


    How We Protect You:

    BI Fraud Prevention

    All Bank Independent deposit accounts come with complimentary advanced protection.

    BI Card Guardian

    Complimentary fraud protection for your Bank Independent Debit Card through text alerts.

    How You Can Protect Yourself:

    Prevention of identity theft and fraud begins by paying extra attention to the details, remaining aware of potential warning signs, and making it more difficult for scammers and thieves to access your information. 

    Click here for helpful information and best practices.  

    Reporting Suspicious Activity

    Contact Customer Service at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 to report suspicious activity on your Bank Independent accounts or to notify us of e-mails asking you to provide Bank Independent online IDs, passwords, or other account information. We will never ask for your personal information through an e-mail.  You may also report suspicious transactions anytime using our Online Dispute Form.

    How Data Breaches Affect You:

    Organizations of all sizes, from local small business to national chain stores, can become targets of criminals seeking to access sensitive data to commit fraud or steal identities--commonly called a data breach.  While most data breaches occur when a cybercriminal illegally hacks into an organization's computer network, other data breaches are committed by individuals with direct contact with customers' sensitive data.  

    Unfortunately, data breaches are often not detected by these organizations until fraud is committed using the stolen data.  If you have used your Bank Independent Debit Card at a merchant or office where a data breach has been detected, your card information could have been collected as part of the data breach, and you could be at risk for identity theft and fraud.

    How Bank Independent handles data breaches: 

    When you are notified by Bank Independent that a data breach has occurred, this does not mean that cybercriminals have accessed your sensitive data through Bank Independent's systems

    Bank Independent is most often alerted to data breaches by our debit card processor's fraud division or through our own fraud monitoring. When we detect that our customers could be affected by a particular data breach, we often provide those customers with a new Bank Independent Debit Card with a new debit card number and PIN, and then deactivate the card that was potentially compromised. If you receive a letter from Bank Independent indicating that your card is at risk of being compromised, this does not mean that fraud using your personal information has actually occurred--we are simply taking proactive steps to reduce your risk of being a victim of fraud or identity theft.

    How you can manage data breaches: 

    Although at this time there is no guarantee that data breaches can be eliminated from our economic landscape, there are several best practices to help you manage or potentially avoid being a victim of a breach:

    • Bank Independent, along with merchants and financial institutions across the U.S., are preparing to implement EMV or "chip card" technology, which makes certain types of fraud much more difficult.
    • Visit our BI Fraud Prevention page to learn what Bank Independent does every day to protect you from fraudulent transactions within your accounts.
    • Enroll in an identity protection service to receive alerts of potential fraud involving your credit report or personal information.
    • Learn more about reported data breaches through a monitoring site such as Deluxe Provent's Education Center.
    • Always immediately report suspicious account activity to Bank Independent at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.



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