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Online Banking

Image of Bank Independent Debit Card and Apple Pay Card

Debit Cards

In person or online; in an app or your digital wallet; in Athens, Alabama or Athens, Greece. Your Bank Independent Debit Card is secure and convenient.  

Smart Swipe

Did you know that your Bank Independent Debit Card is also a great way to SAVE?

Simplify savings by enrolling in Bank Independent's Smart Swipe program, where we round up change from your Bank Independent Debit Card purchases to the next dollar and deposit that into another BI account of your choosing. A little change can add up to a lot of savings. You can easily enroll in Smart Swipe.

Here's how Smart Swipe Works:
  1. Use your Bank Independent Debit Card for a purchase.
  2. We'll round up that amount to the nearest dollar.
  3. We'll automatically deposit the difference into your designated account.
Smart Swipe Examples
 Use your Debit Card to Buy  You Pay  We Will Round It Up To And Then Transfer   Watch Your Balance Add Up
Coffee $5.47 $6.00 $0.53 $0.53
Fuel $27.21 $28.00 $0.79 $1.32
Groceries $64.52 $65.00 $0.48 $1.80
At the end of the business day, we'll transfer your savings to your designated account $1.80

Digital Wallet

What's more convenient than using your Bank Independent Debit Card? Keeping your card in your wallet and paying with your smart phone!  

Add your Bank Independent Debit and Credit Cards to your favorite digital payment app today for:

  • Simple cardless checkout  Just touch, tap, and go!
  • Enhanced security  One of the safest ways to pay.
  • Debit or credit card access  All your Bank Independent cards are compatible with all four systems.

BI Debit Cards are compatible with:

Google Pay Icon

Find the Google Pay app on your device or download from Google Play Store

apple ipay logo

Find the Apple Wallet app on your device and follow the on-screen instructions

samsung pay logo

Find the Samsung Pay app on your device or download from Google Play Store

Card Management

BI Card Guardian
Stay on top of potential debit card fraud with BI Card Guardian text alerts. This complimentary service alerts you when your Bank Independent Debit Card shows:

  • International purchases
  • Most purchases at gas stations
  • Transactions greater than $100
  • Five or more purchases in a rolling 24-hour period
  • "Card not present" transactions (like online purchases)
  • Your card is declined
If you think the transaction is fraudulent, just reply to the BI Card text within 12 hours using the custom code you'll see in the message.  Our fraud team will start investigating immediately, and your card will be blocked from future use.  If you authorized the transaction, no response is required.  

Here are some examples of text messages you might receive from BI Card Guardian alerts:

Card Guardian Alert Example 1Card Guardian Alert Example 2Card Guardian Alert Example 3

Enroll each of your Bank Independent Debit Cards quickly and easily, or learn more from our FAQs.

Mastercard® Automatic Billing Updater
Keeping your Bank Independent Debit Card "on file" with a merchant is a convenient option for simplifying future purchases or automated debits from your checking account without having to re-enter your card information for every transaction.
Now, keeping your preferred debit card information up-to-date with the merchant is even easier with Mastercard's Automatic Billing Update (ABU). Participating merchants will now automatically update your debit card information when it changes due to an expired card, a card that's reissued after being lost or stolen, or anytime the card is replaced.
To opt out of the ABU program, please contact our Customer Service team at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
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Debit Card FAQs

Find answers to all of your debit card questions.

cell phone on table with credit card and receipt

BI Card Guardian

Enroll today and get alerts by text for suspected debit card fraud.

debit card circle icon

Instant-Issue Debit Cards

Many of our Sales Offices can issue new or replacement debit cards while you wait. Call (256) 386-5000 to find an Instant Issue location near you.

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Convenient, easy-to-use tools to help you manage your finances on-the-go 24/7.

Lady holding shopping bags

You never know when you’ll be SURPRISED just for using your Bank Independent Debit Card!

Learn more about MasterCard® Priceless Surprises Sweepstakes here.

Debit Card Security

Chip Technology
All Bank Independent Debit Cards include secure EMV or "chip" technology. These cards feature an embedded microprocessor chip for storing and transmitting data, so your personal financial information is more secure than ever.

Because chip cards are extremely difficult to counterfeit and require special equipment to read, they greatly decrease the probability of fraud through counterfeit cards or skimming (attaching devices to card readers to capture card information).

MasterCard SecureCode
MasterCard SecureCode is a private code for your BI Debit Card that adds a complimentary layer of security to online shopping, carefully evaluating a variety of data behind the scenes with each online transaction.

No pre-enrollment is required; in fact, certain transactions and online merchants automatically extend SecureCode services to you. SecureCode may prompt you to provide additional secure information to confirm that it's really you. The information you enter will only be used to verify that particular purchase.

MasterCard Protection
Our partnership with MasterCard means more complimentary protections for your purchases:

  • Extended Warranty Coverage: MasterCard doubles the original manufacturer's or store brand warranty for up to one year on items you purchase with your BI Debit Card.
  • Zero Liability Protection: Rest assured. As a Bank Independent Debit Cardholder, you won't be held responsible for unauthorized transactions.

Avoid Debit Card Issues When You Travel
Our fraud specialists are constantly monitoring your debit card activity for suspected fraud, including unusual spending patterns, spending in unusual locations, or attempts to use your card in states or countries that we've blocked because of high levels of fraud. If we see this sort of activity on your card, we will sometimes temporarily suspend your card until we can confirm this activity is legitimate.

A simple way to avoid debit card disruptions or blocks when you're traveling is to notify Bank Independent before you leave. Just call Customer Service or complete our secure online Travel Notification Form.

Tips for International Travel
In addition to the tips above, review these guidelines to travel with confidence using your BI Debit Card:

  • Plan for foreign ATMs: Some international ATMs will have restrictions, such as additional access fees or only allowing you to access your primary Bank Independent account.
  • Purchase foreign currency before you go: Visit any Bank Independent location near you or call Customer Service to place an order for foreign currency. We'll give you the currency purchase and delivery fee amounts and the currency exchange rate, and we'll notify you when your foreign currency is available for pickup at the branch.
  • Plan for international debit card fees: MasterCard charges a fee when you use your debit card for purchases internationally. The fee, while typically about 1%, will vary depending on the merchant.

Identity Protection
Our fraud specialists combine cutting-edge technology with good old fashioned investigation skills to monitor your Bank Independent accounts 24/7. Learn more about what we do for you everyday, plus what you can do to protect yourself from debit card and account fraud here.

Report Debit Card Fraud

Keeping you protected from debit card fraud is one of Bank Independent's top priorities, so we always want to be sure your card is in YOUR hands and not a fraudster's. Here's how you can help.

Found Unauthorized Debit Card Activity? File a Dispute
If your debit card is still in your possession and you identify transactions that you have not authorized nor participated in, call Customer Service at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 as soon as possible to file a dispute or complete our Online Dispute Form.

Is Your Card Missing? Report it Lost or Stolen

There are several ways to report your card lost or stolen:

  • Mobile Banking: Select the Manage Cards option from the menu, choose the appropriate card, then press Report Lost or Stolen 
  • Online Banking: Choose Settings and then Manage Cards, then click the appropriate box under the Lost/Stolen column 
  • Customer Service: Call (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 to speak to a Customer Service Representative 
  • Independent Express: Call (866) 478-5010, choose Option 5, Option 2, then Option 1

With any of these options, your card will be cancelled. A new card will be issued quickly upon request.

Think You've Just Misplaced Your Card? Suspend it Temporarily
Did you know that you can instantly "turn off" your debit card if it's been misplaced? Suspending your card keeps it from being used while you retrace your steps to find your missing card.

  • Mobile Banking: Select the Manage Cards option from the menu, choose the appropriate card, then press Suspend Card. When you find your card, follow the same steps in your Mobile Banking app, but select Activate Card.
  • Independent Express: Call (866) 478-5010, choose Option 5, Option 2, then Option 4 and follow the prompts. When you find your card, call back and again choose Option 5, Option 2, then Option 2 and follow the prompts.