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Savings Accounts

Save today for tomorrow's dreams or
unexpected expenses.

Compare Savings Accounts

*A $6 charge per quarter will apply if the minimum balance drops below $100 in a quarter. A service fee per withdrawal will be assessed after the 3rd withdrawal in a quarter.
**A $14.95 charge per month will apply if the minimum balance drops below $10,000 in a month or the account is no longer enrolled to receive a monthly incoming transfer of at least $1 from another Bank Independent account. A service fee per withdrawal will be assessed after the 6th withdrawal in a month.
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Simple. Everyday. Savings.

Enroll in Smart Swipe and save the change from your debit card purchases.

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A simple savings account is a great way to tuck away money for a rainy day or save toward a goal while earning a little interest on the side. Maintain a minimum balance of $100 and you won't be charged a $6 quarterly service fee. Just remember that the number of withdrawals you can make from a savings account is limited to three per quarter without having to pay a service fee.

Essential Student Savings

Prepare for the future by growing your savings. Essential Student Savings is designed for students between the ages of 15-25 to encourage healthy saving habits and money management skills. Different from a checking account that provides immediate access to funds, a savings account allows your money to accumulate separately to meet long-term goals. For added convenience, Essential Student Savings comes with free Sync Mobile and Online banking, and Mobile Deposit. Students aged 15 and older with a valid government ID may open an Essential Student Savings without a parent or guardian.  Start earning interest on your savings and enjoy no service fees until you turn 26!

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 Premier Money Market

If you need a little more access to your savings (up to six withdrawals per month without incurring a fee) check out our Premier Money Market account. A money market earns a little higher rate of interest than a regular savings account, plus it's FDIC-insured up to $250,000 (meaning you won't lose up to that amount of money in your account due to a volatile stock market) so it's a great option for larger deposits. However, with Bank Independent's Premier Money Market, you don't have to have a big balance to start saving.

Simply set up and maintain a monthly incoming automatic transfer from another Bank Independent account to:

  • Open a Premier Money Market account with a minimum opening balance of $1, and
  • Avoid a monthly service charge
If you don't want to set up a monthly transfer from another BI account, you can still enjoy a Premier Money Market with:

  • A minimum $10,000 opening deposit
  • A monthly service charge of $14.95 if your balance dips below $10,000

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 Certificate of Deposit (CD)

When looking for an interest-bearing account, a certificate of deposit (CD) may offer the perfect place to grow funds you don't need to be readily available. Unlike savings and money market accounts, CDs are held for a fixed term (from a few months to several years). They usually earn a fixed rate of interest based on that term (some CDs may offer other rate options, like a one-time rate increase). The interest rate on CDs is usually higher than the rates on savings accounts and money markets.

Bank Independent offers a wide range of CD terms and rates, and you can start with a minimum deposit of only $1000. We don't charge any quarterly or monthly service fees for a CD, but you may incur a penalty for cashing in a CD before the end of the fixed term.

Ask your Relationship Banker about our Premier Growth CD, which lets you waive the higher minimum opening deposit requirement with a $1 opening balance and a monthly automatic transfer from another BI account.

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 Individual Retirement Account (IRA)

Individual retirement accounts, or IRAs, not only help you save and grow your money for retirement, but also offer great tax benefits. Bank Independent offers several types of IRAs, including fixed and variable rates and Traditional and Roth IRA options.

Your Bank Independent Relationship Banker will help you select the best IRA for your situation, based on factors like:

  • Your current age and income
  • Your retirement plans
  • Your withdrawal/cash access needs
Ask your Relationship Banker about our Premier Growth IRA, which lets you waive the higher minimum opening deposit requirement with a $1 opening balance and a monthly automatic transfer from another BI account.

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 Smart Swipe

Simplify savings by enrolling in Bank Independent's Smart Swipe program, where we round up change from your Bank Independent Debit Card purchases to the next dollar and deposit that into another BI account of your choosing. A little change can add up to a lot of savings. Easily enroll in Smart Swipe here.

Here's how Smart Swipe works:
  1. Use your Bank Independent Debit Card for a purchase.
  2. We'll round up that amount to the nearest dollar.
  3. We will automatically deposit the difference into your designated account
Smart Swipe Example
Use Your Debit Card to Buy You Pay We Will Round It Up To And Then Transfer Watch Your Balance Add Up
Coffee $5.47 $6.00 $0.53 $0.53
Fuel $27.21 $28.00 $0.79 $1.32
Groceries $64.52 $65.00 $0.48 $1.80
At the end of the business day, we'll transfer your savings to your designated account $1.80

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Savings Calculators

How much should you save? Use our calculators to find out.