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Debit Card FAQs

A: You can now suspend and unsuspend your Bank Independent Debit Card through Independent Express or through the Card Management function in Sync Online and Mobile Banking.

Independent Express: Call (866) 478-5010, choose Option 5, Option 2, then Option 4 and follow the prompts. This will temporarily and immediately disable your debit card from being used for in-person or online transactions. When you find your card, call back and again choose Option 5, Option 2, then Option 2 and follow the prompts. If you do not locate your card, choose from one of the options described below to report your card lost or stolen.

Mobile Banking: In Sync Online and Mobile Banking, simply select the Card Management feature from the dashboard, choose the appropriate card, then switch the toggle to deactivate your card. This will temporarily and immediately disable your debit card from being used for in-person or online transactions. When you find your card, follow the same steps in Sync, to unlock. This will restore your debit card services. If you do not locate your card, use the Card Management feature or the other options described below to report your card lost or stolen.
A: You have several options to report your card lost or stolen:

  • Call Independent Express telephone banking at (866) 478-5010, choose Option 5, Option 2, then Option 1
  • Log in to Online Banking, choose Settings and then Manage Cards, or Mobile Banking customers can use the Manage Cards icon to report your debit card lost or stolen
With any of these options, your card will be cancelled and a new one will be sent to you quickly upon request. We will also work with you to ensure that your accounts are safe and secure. 
A: If you find debit card purchases on your account that you have not authorized or participated in please complete this Online Dispute Form to report the issue or contact Customer Service Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at (877) 865-5050 or (256) 386-5000. Please note that you may still be required to visit a branch to complete the dispute process.
A: There are several ways to activate your new card:

  • Call our Independent Express telephone banking line at (866) 478-5010, select Option 5, Option 2, then Option 2
  • Log in to Online Banking, go to Settings, then choose Manage Cards (for activation only; this will not create a PIN for you)
  • Select the Manage Cards option in Mobile Banking, then select Activate Card
  • Call Customer Service Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. at (877) 865-5050 or (256) 386-5000
A: After you use your card at a merchant or ATM/Point of Sale terminal, the funds will be debited from your designated checking account (just as if you wrote a check).
A: If the business accepts MasterCard for payment, they will accept your Bank Independent Debit Card.
A: There are no interest charges associated with using your debit card because, unlike a credit card, you are paying for the merchandise with your money in your checking account.
A: Yes! In addition to the merchant receipt you receive at the time of sale, your purchase will be listed on your bank statement.
A: Bank Independent imposes no fees if you use your card to make a purchase or if you use your card at an ATM belonging to Bank Independent. However, there may be a fee charged for transactions made at non-Bank Independent ATMs.
A: EMV is a "chip" technology for debit and credit cards. EMV stands for “Europay, MasterCard and Visa” and although the technology originated in Europe, it is becoming a standard throughout the world. The United States is transitioning to EMV technology. 
A: Chip cards look like regular debit or credit cards, but feature a secure embedded microprocessor chip in the card for storing and transmitting data. As chip cards become standardized in the US, point-of-sale terminals and ATMs must be enabled to process these cards.
A: Because a chip card is extremely difficult to counterfeit and requires special equipment to read, chip cards greatly decrease the probability of fraud through counterfeit cards or skimming (attaching devices to card readers to capture card information). Also, the point-of-sale terminals will be better equipped to authenticate cards, so fraudulent cards should not work. Customers’ confidential data will be more secure with a chip-enabled card.
A: Chip cards will be inserted into the terminal to be read rather than swiped. Merchants were to begin using chip-enabled terminals no later than October 2015 or accept additional liability. However, chip-enabled cards will feature both magnetic strips and chips that can be run using either method, at least for a while after the transition. 
A: Yes. Chip card transactions are either “chip-and-PIN” or “chip-and-signature” transactions (a lot of people use these terms to describe the chip card itself). 
A: Because your card will still have a magnetic stripe, you will still be able to swipe your card like you do today. However, the transaction will not be as secure as a chip card transaction. 
A: Because of our commitment to protect you and your account from fraud, we carefully monitor for activity that differs from your usual spending patterns, transactions that occur in locations outside of your usual activity, and attempts to perform transactions in countries that we have blocked due to high fraud activity. When this occurs, we will sometimes block activity on your debit card until we can confirm this activity is legitimate. Learn more about our debit card monitoring here.
To minimize transaction problems and processing disruptions while you travel, please notify Bank Independent of your travel plans before you leave. You can call Customer Service at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 965-5050 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., submit this form, or for added convenience submit a travel notice from your Sync mobile or online account. When logged into your account, click on your profile picture, select Settings, then Travel Notices. You can also find the feature in your Card Management options
A: Most likely the merchant has enrolled in Mastercard's Automatic Billing Updater (ABU) program, which automatically updates expired or cancelled debit cards with the new debit card information to replace the old card you had on file with the merchant. This convenient feature keeps you from missing payments and incurring late fees if you forget to update your billing information with your merchant when you get a new debit card. Although all card issuing institutions are required to participate in this program, merchants and customers can opt out. To opt your Bank Independent Debit Card out of the ABU program, please contact Customer Service at  (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Bank Independent contactless debit card is like having exact change wherever you go. A simple tap of your card or smart phone is all it takes to pay at checkout
Simply tap to pay anywhere you see the contactless symbol at checkout.   This includes fast food restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, pharmacies, stadiums and more.

If you don't see the contactless symbol, your contactless-enabled card can still be used by inserting your chip into the card reader or swiping at checkout.

To make a purchase, simply tap your Bank Independent contactless debit card or smart phone on the payment reader when checking out at participating retail locations.

You can make contactless payments on any contactless payment reader that displays this symbol  . You may also use contactless cards by inserting your card into the chip reader or using the magnetic stripe readers by swiping the card.
Typically, when you tap your card/device at checkout, it must be within an inch or two of the contactless symbol on the terminal at the counter. Please note that if you have more than one contactless card in your wallet, you should remove the specific card you would like to use rather than tapping your wallet against the reader.
Purchases made with contactless will be displayed on your Bank Independent statement just like any other purchase.
Contactless uses a hidden, embedded computer chip and radio frequency antennae. After you tap your contactless card or device at checkout, payment details are sent wirelessly to the Mastercard network. If using a mobile phone, moments after you tap, you'll receive payment confirmation and be on your way.
Treat your contactless card or device as you would any other credit, debit or prepaid card. Always know where your contactless card or device is and keep it in a safe place. And be sure to keep a record of all of your card numbers, expiration dates and emergency phone numbers.
No, there is no battery.
If you have a contactless-enabled mobile phone, you can turn it on or off. If you are using a contactless card it's always on and ready to use.
Yes. Contactless payments provide secure encryption technology and Zero Liability Protection and are as secure as your regular card.
  • You're in control – your contactless-enabled card or device never leaves your hands to make a payment
  • No accidental payments – your contactless-enabled card or device must be close to the reader at checkout to work
  • Not billed twice – even if you tap more than once at checkout, you'll only get billed once for your purchase
If you've lost your card or you suspect unauthorized activity on your account, immediately contact the Bank Independent Customer Service at 1-256-386-5000.

A: Just visit a Bank Independent Sales Office near you, or call Customer Service at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 to add Smart Swipe to your Bank Independent checking account. You may also submit your enrollment request online.

A: You will need to designate another Bank Independent deposit account (checking, savings, money market or Smart Growth account) for your Smart Swipe transfers. You may open a new account online or visit a Sales Office near you.
A: No; only one Smart Swipe transfer will be made on a business day. If multiple purchases post to your account in one day, Smart Swipe will round up each purchase and transfer the total difference in one deposit transaction. 
A: There could be several reasons: First, Smart Swipe transfers are processed only Monday through Friday. Also, only transactions that are posted to the account during the business day are rounded up for the Smart Swipe transfer; there is often a delay in the actual posting of a debit card transaction, even though the amount is deducted from your balance at the time the purchase is made.
A: No. If the amount of your Smart Swipe transfer exceeds the balance in your account, your Smart Swipe transfer will be cancelled for that day and will not be reattempted. 
A: At least one person must be on both the account from which you are transferring and the account into which your Smart Swipe transfers are being deposited. 
A: Yes. Smart Swipe is an account-level program, so transactions using any debit card tied to that account will be rounded up.
A: Yes. Any non-ATM transaction will be rounded up, including online purchases, point-of-sale transactions, and debit or credit purchases using your Bank Independent Debit Card.
Simply speak to a Relationship Banker at a Sales Office or contact Customer Service at (256) 386-5000 or (877) 865-5050 Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Please call 800-327-8990.