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Custom Loans

  • Our mortgage specialists can tailor solutions to your individual situation. 


    Fixed or Variable Rates – Some situations call for a fixed mortgage, while others suggest a variable rate mortgage with more flexibility for your budget or changing needs. Either way, we have multiple options to tailor a program to your needs. To determine the best one for you.

    Construction-to-Permanent Loans – Streamline your building-to-buying process and save money by letting Bank Independent handle your construction loan, permanent financing and closing.  

    Preferred Payment Program – Some banks offer to let you make payments on a semi-monthly basis to match your budget; generally, this service is provided by a third party for a fee. At Bank Independent, we have configured our loan systems to accept these non-standard payments so that no third parties—and no extra fees—are necessary for you to get the immediate benefit of principal reduction and interest savings, potentially shaving years off of your loan. To change your loan payment schedule to semi-monthly payments simply let your Sales Officer know you’d like a preferred payment plan at loan origination or renewal.

    Home Makeover Mortgage – There are some incredible deals out there, but many of these homes need work. Bank Independent has created a special radically original mortgage for those fixer-uppers that need some TLC. In this program, Bank Independent bases the estimated home value on the improvements required. Then, we hold the extra cash needed for these improvements in a special escrow account out of which you pay contractors as work is completed. Ask for program details.

    First-Time Homebuyer Program – To assist you in buying your first home, we allow a family member to pledge a Certificate of Deposit (CD) for any or all of your down payment. As the home value increases enough to cover the amount pledged, we release the CD funds that are being held as collateral. This allows your family member to help you purchase your first home without spending his or her own money, plus interest continues to build on the CD as it always has. To see how much home you can qualify for, visit our Home Affordability Calculator.?

    Purchasing a Home – Bank Independent can help you take advantage of real estate rates and home values not seen in years. Just contact us for a tailored purchase loan to buy your dream home. 

    Refinancing – Many people are taking advantage of record-low rates to lower monthly payments. At Bank Independent, we offer options for short- and long-term maturities to either lower your payment or accelerate the payoff of your remaining balance. Let us help you determine Is this is the right time for you to refinance?

    All mortgages subject to credit approval.

     * Offer may be withdrawn at any time. 

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