Federal Programs and Conventional Mortgages

  • As a $1 billion bank, we provide access to federal programs including VA and Fannie Mae conventional loans, so you can leverage aggressive rates from national investors, or special programs subsidized by the Federal Government.*


    Conventional Mortgages – These mortgages meet all federal guidelines to be packaged and sold to secondary investors like large national banks. By agreeing to fit into a standard program (like a conventional 15-30 year fixed loan or Adjustable Rate Mortgage), you generally receive an especially competitive rate of interest.**

    Fixed Versus Variable Rate Loans – Our programs allow you to choose between fixed and variable rates. To determine the best one for you, visit Fixed Versus Variable Rates.

    Purchasing a Home – Bank Independent can help you take advantage of real estate rates and home values not seen in years. Just contact us for a personally-tailored loan so you can build or buy your dream home. To see how much home you can qualify for, visit How much can I borrow

    1% Cash Back for a Year – Conventional and Federal Program Mortgages not held in Bank Independents portfolio for servicing are eligible for 1% cash back for a year with a Bank Independent checking account. See program details.

    Refinancing – Many people are taking advantage of groundbreaking rates for monthly payments. At Bank Independent, we offer options for short- and long-term maturities to either lower your payment or accelerate the payoff of your remaining balance.  Let us help you determine Is this is the right time for you to refinance?

    Other Selected Federal Programs Available:

    • USDA Rural Housing – Receive up to 100% financing, no limit on seller contributions and no private mortgage insurance for qualifying rural areas.

    • VA – Receive up to 100% financing and other special benefits for qualifying veterans. No monthly mortgage insurance is required.

    Federal Program and Conventional Mortgage Specialist – Click here to find a Mortgage Specialist.

    Loans subject to credit approval. Offer can be withdrawn at any time.

    *Limited to mortgages originated through our Mortgage Department and sold on the secondary market. 

    **Your interest rate may be adjusted upward to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses at closing.