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  • Bank Independent is pleased to introduce checking with debit card rewards and a world class Cash Management Account (CMA). This CMA has an overnight sweep++ to an FDIC insured Premier Money Market Account paying rates equivalent to Wall Street alternatives.* 


      Free Checking  Relationship
    Rewards Checking
    Premier CMA
       Free Checking Icon Relationship Rewards Icon Premier CMA Icon
    Best for:  People Starting Out Working Families Professionals, Large Depositors, and Borrowers
    Debit Card
    No Yes Yes
    Free Debit Card: Yes Yes Yes
    Opening Minimum: $50 $50 $100
    Monthly Service Fee: None
    None with qualifiers - otherwise $5.95
    None with qualifier - otherwise $9.95
    Ways you can
    choose to waive
    monthly service fee:
    None You choose: Monthly direct deposit, OR monthly $50 auto transfer in a Smart Growth savings program, OR $2,500 in combined deposits+ or loans.** $25,000 in combined deposits+ or loans.**
    Per Check Charges: None None None
    Interest Earning: No Yes Yes - Wall Street Rates*
    Free Online
     Banking with
    Bill Pay
    Yes Yes Yes
    Free Check Images: Not Available Yes Yes
    Other Benefits: First order of checks free. 10% off safe deposit box.*** First order of checks free. Just shipping and handling thereafter. 20% off safe deposit box.*** Free check printing. 20% off safe deposit box.***
    Lifestyle Package: Yes
    Starter Edition
    Deluxe Edition
    Premier Edition

    * Compare our rates to non-FDIC alternatives by visiting iMoneyNet.com. There you’ll find iMoneyNet Money Fund Averages that reflect the average return of US money market mutual funds. You can review the top 15 retail funds individually. Either way, you’ll find that our FDIC insured money market accounts and CDs provide competitive returns - with the added safety of FDIC insurance.

    ** Mortgages of $200,000 or more closed with Bank Independent’s Mortgage Department and sold on the secondary market qualify for the CMA without a monthly service charge for seven years. Mortgages under $200,000 qualify for a Relationship Rewards checking without a monthly service fee for seven years.

    *** Safe deposit discount requires automatic payment from one of these Bank Independent checking accounts.

    + Combined balances are determined by adding the minimum balance in your checking account during your statement cycle with all your other deposits and loan balances as of your checking account statement date.

    ++Funds will be available by ATM, check card, check, online bill pay or mobile device through your linked CMA account  All ledger balances in the Premier Cash Management (CMA) greater than $5,000 will be swept daily into the Premier Money Market Account (MMA).  Any day the ledger balance in the CMA account is less than or equal to zero ($0), funds will be swept back into the CMA account in $1000 increments.  On the 6th sweep in a calendar month, all funds in the MMA will be swept back into the CMA account until your next statement cycle begins.